Saturday, September 11, 2010

I won the title of American Image National Miss 2010

I won 9-11-2010

I won the title of American Image National Miss 2010 tonight on 9-11. I thank God and I thank our troops for fighting for our freedom. The American Image Pageant supports our troops and showcases women of all ages that are of integrity and accomplished. I am truly honored to be the national titleholder. I simply cried when they called my name. I was in disbelief. I also won the overall Supermodel award which meant I had the highest fashion wear score of the entire competition. I was so thrilled.

I have an entire year planned of amazing appearances from traveling statewide to internationally. I promise I will try to write about every appearance because I feel blogging will truly raise awareness of other charitable organizations and the American Image Pageant.

I have so many people on my journey to thank....

Jojo- You were an instrumental part in this entire process. When we hit a crossroads you helped me choose the deciding factor. I thank you from my heart.

Theresa- Every step of the way we have been there. We have climbed together and faced defeat. And together we have won. I love you.

Mom- The best proofreader I know. My paperwork was flawless because of you. Also the spiritual road you lead me is beyond what words can describe.

Alan- My poster was so beautiful I couldn't have asked for anything better. You are the best. Thank you for sponsoring me.

Sheavie- Your designs are perfect and after 1 million revisions later you still had a smile on your  face. Thank you for believing in me. You're the best.

Justin- This trip would have been boring without you... and it wouldn't have even happened. You made this happen and come true for me.

Jason- The training I received from you has given me life long tools and values that I will keep until the day I die. I will share these with my children and those around me. Your training really embodied what the American Image Pageant is all about.... the American Spirit.

Dog-n-Scrubs- During tough times you still believed in me and sponsored my dream. It came true because of you. Thank you from my heart.

Cory King- My makeup was the best it has ever looked. You created a flawless look for me.... You are so talented... Thank you!

Trent- You really helped take my mind off of my nerves and put me in such a happy good mood the entire weekend. :)

To everyone who has touched me on my journey.... I truly love you. It takes a team to accomplish great things. I would be nothing without you. I am everything with you. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you to God. You lead me here... you guided me.... you taught me. I am a better person today because of this.

Erica- the director, It is a tough job being a director and I can't express my gratitude enough for putting on such a fair and fun pageant. I look forward to serving as your 2010 national queen.

I will write more.... until then I have to get some sleep. I have my morning breakfast with the queens and the director. We sign the contracts and more!!!

Love you all---

Your American Image National Miss 2010,

Sherrie  Gearheart


To my grandma and my grandpa. You may not have been here in physical form but you are here with me in spirit. Your values shaped me into the person I am today. I love you both and you will always live in my heart. I love you.

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